VME’s Aquafort Instant Storage tanks are manufactured to a high standard. Due to today’s climate and water restrictions many people are opting for large capacity water storage tanks. With water being such a precious commodity today our concrete water tanks serve as an environmentally friendly option for water harvesting as well as being free of chemicals and algae, providing you with cool, clean and clear water. Fittings, tank heights and lids can be customised to your needs.Our straight concrete septic tanks come standard with inlet and outlet baffle and the lids have inspection openings and access covers. Aquafort is suited for storing anything liquid including industrial chemicals, petroleum products and slurries and hence it is a versatile storage choice.

VME’s Aquafort Instant Storage tanks come into use right from domestic to commercial and industrial purpose and are available in 13500 litres – 6000 litres capacity.ADVANTAGESVME’s Aquafort Instant Storage tanks are made in seamless mould so there are no joints and thus there is no possibility of leaks.

In Chennai, the most common issue of sewage water getting mixed with water in water sumps can be completely avoided. Unlike other tanks made of plastic and other materials, VME’s Aquafort Instant Storage tanks are made of high grade concrete, far better than conventional tanks. This means, they have a life 25 times more than any other tank.VME’s Aquafort Instant Storage tanks can be easily installed and easily emptied of water.

Usually underground tanks do not have the best of quality and thus later will need expensive maintenance which is not the case with these tanks. In precast tanks there is no algae formation and so cleaner water is stored.It is designed to bear 1ton/sq.m, so light motor vehicles can move on the concrete lid and also heavy vehicles can move near the tank and there will not be any damage.


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